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About us

Vitamist is an evolving collection of essential health and well-being products offering a familiar & effective range positioned to enhance your daily wellness in the form of an oral spray. Vitamist was created with “you” in mind. Our offering is pioneering, not in the familiar product but within its transparency & integrity with each formula and product we launch.

After personal issues of both founders lacking essential vitamins and minerals through modern-day diet & and the daily struggle to swallow a handful of tablets in the morning through pregnancy we decided to create a hassle-free and convenient way of ensuring our bodies are topped up with the nutrients it needs.We have dedicated hours & days of training, trialling and testing (obviously not on animals) to ensure each and every final product is perfect for you & each of your family. Vitamist was founded in 2021 during the world’s pandemic with two minds believing that health & wellness is not built in a boardroom... it perfectly comes together when you’re part of the daily process and owns what you do. Welcome to Vita Mist... The home of essential daily vitamins that are delivered through proven oral spray technology.


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Nutritionist Approved Formulas


Vitamist is made here in the UK to the highest quality standards. Each spray is triple-tested before leaving our NON-GMO, GMP & BRC Approved facility.

Each product before despatch is sent to our in house nutritionists and world-leading professors for approval. Our Vitamin D spray is then sent to our partners at Informed-Sport for further lab tests before being delivered directly to your door. We set out to be the most hassle-free, convenient and transparent oral vitamin spray company in the world.